Discerning compressed air users expect maximum availability and efficiency, even from smaller compressors. It will come as no surprise therefore that KAESER’s SK series rotary screw compressors go far beyond meeting these key expectations. Not only do they deliver more compressed air for less power consumption, but they also combine ease of use and maintenance with exceptional versatility and environmentally responsible design



At the heart of every ASK system lies a premium quality airend featuring KAESER’s SIGMA PROFILE rotors. Operating at low speed, KAESER’s airends are equip- ped with flow-optimised rotors for superior efficiency.


The SIGMA CONTROL 2 ensures efficient control and system monitoring. The large display and RFID reader provide effective communication and maximum security. Multiple interfaces offer exceptional flexibility, whilst the SD card slot makes updates quick and a easy.

3.Maximum efficiency:

IE3 motors The use of IE3 motors will become mandatory in the EU from the 1st of January, 2015, but users can already enjoy the benefits that these premium effic- iency motors have to offer by choosing KAESER ASK series rotary screw compressors.

4.Energy-saving radial fan

Driven by an independent motor, the radial fan ensures low compressed air discharge temperatures and provides greater cooling performance with lower energy requirement. Needless to say, it also conf- orms to the efficiency requirements of EU directive 327/2011.

5.Automatic belt tensioning

The automatic belt tensioning device ensures consistent transmission efficiency and excellent drive system reliability.

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