Why recover heat? Heat recovery

The question should in fact be: Why not? Amazingly, 100 percent of the (electrical) energy input to a compressor is converted into heat. Up to 96 % of that energy can be reused for heating purposes. This not only reduces primary energy consumption, but also significantly improves the total energy balance.


1.Heat recovery a win

Amazingly, 100 percent of the electrical energy input to a compressor is converted into heat. From that, up to 96 percent is available for heat recovery purposes. Use this potential to your advantage!

2.Heating with hot air

Warmed compressor cooling air can be ducted away to provide highly effective space heating. With this method, up to 96 percent of the compressor’s input energy can therefore be recovered as heat – either for space heating or for use as process heat. Minimise

3.Heat adjacent rooms

When using recyclable heat for space heating, ducting simply feeds the warmed cooling air to where it is needed, e.g. adjacent facilities, such as warehouses or workshops.

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